We have arrived! 

After a long journey, all 13 of us arrived safely in Lusaka. We were greeted by Paul who will be our host from the Habitat for Humanity Zambia office during the project. 

We are staying in Acamms Lodge which is 20 minutes away from the airport. Wells Fargo team members stayed here on the first volunteer trip to Zambia two years ago. 

The team settled into their rooms before heading out for dinner at Shaka’s Grill which has the tag line ‘Eat like a warrior’. It was a nice opportunity for the team to get to know each other and learn more about Zambia and the work HfH does here from Paul. 

By the end of dinner the tiredness hit and most people were ready for bed. 

The real fun/hard works starts tomorrow. We will have an early morning orientation to go over site safety etc before heading to Kamanga. The team will meet the two families we will be building for and start work on the construction on the two houses. So far the team has only seen the more developed areas of the city so tomorrow could be quite an eye opener for some. 

I literally cannot wait to see the children in Kamanga tomorrow. It will be a greeting the team never forgets. 

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