First full day & 2014 reunion

The team was enthusiastic to get back to the building site after Sunday’s break. Both picked up where they left off and made huge progress within a short space of time. 
Within only a few hours, the neighbourhood children had become much braver interacting with the team, with many wanting high-fives, hugs, and piggy-back rides. We also enjoyed building even better rapport with our fantastic construction pros from Habitat, who are skilled builders and excellent (and patient) teachers! Speed of construction picked up too as we honed our skills under their guidance.

The team stopped for lunch and headed to the community centre in Kamanga where they will be having lunch each day. We were introduced to the lady who runs the centre and she provided more information about their mission and purpose. The centre is used for community events but it also has a health clinic where it treats and advises people about HIV/AIDS and TB. They also run a school for orphans which has 200 students and is funded mainly by private donors. 
The team continued to make great progress – by the end of the day, the walls had grown so tall that scaffolds were needed to reach our work areas.

After we finished building for the day, we took a very special trip around the neighbourhood to visit the families for whom team members from Wells Fargo built houses in 2014. It was great inspiration to see how much their lives had been changed by their new homes and encouraging to see the care which which they had tended to them.

It was also a very humbling experience. Whilst having a safe home had a significant impact on the families, the harsh realities of life in Kamanga (in this particular case, disease) had taken its toll on one of the families. 
One of the highlights of this visit for Kirsty was being reunited with a little girl from one of the families who is not so little now. In the last trip she clung to Kirsty and followed her (or was carried!) everywhere Kirsty went. Even two years later, today was no different as Kirsty gave her a piggy-back ride all the way back to the bus.

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