Day 2.5 Do as I do 

Day 2 was high in energy and raring-to-go attitude. Each of us were assigned tasks and together we achieved way beyond our expectations. Each of us now are learning new skills, and with that newly equipped skill set, we set out to get the tasks complete.The family started to smile seeing the house taking shape and they were doing their bit to build their new home.

After having a humble but delicious lunch of sandwiches and snacks, we decided it was time to have a football game with the school kids as we brought one football ball with us. We went to the middle of the playground and kicked the ball high as the kick off; what we didn’t know was that the entire school, several dozens of kids, would start running after the ball in the biggest stampede of joy I have seen in my life. We had a great time and the kids showed us the great football skills they have for their age!  And above all, they shared their happiness to have us playing with them.

We have built the walls up to 13 levels today and put the lintels above the windows and doors for additional strength and support. Its amazing seeing the house take form knowing that Dennis has not seen his kids in 4 months because of having no home.  We are being instrumental in enabling the family to be reunited in their new home….truly an honour.

The kids also showed us some local school games, including one in which everyone stands in a circle and has to do whatever the leader in the middle of the circle does – a game appropriately called “Do as I do”. Everyone particularly enjoyed when WF team members took turns being the leader and showed off their most embarrassing dance moves

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