Day 3.5 nearing completion & Daniel P’s birthday 

Day 3.5 began with putting the final touches on our brick walls. Within only a couple hours, the walls (both exterior and interior) were complete.
This lead to new tasks on the house that were slower and more difficult to do, but indicated we were in the final stretch. First, we had to level out the interior floors, which required swinging a pick axe and shovelling lots… and lots… of dirt.  

At lunch, we had the opportunity to get a lot more involved with the schoolchildren at the community centre. We brought footballs, colouring pencils and notebooks to share with the kids and enjoyed an hour of sports and art. There are many talented athletes and artists among them!

After lunch, we returned to the build site and were gratified to see the Habitat staff installing the roof to the home – suddenly our efforts were looking like a real house. While the roof was being installed, we levelled the ground around the home using all the dirt we removed from inside during the morning. We also made further preparations (stamping the interior floor with very heavy tools) so concrete can be laid on the floor tomorrow.

Building aside, one of the best moments of the day was seeing our future homeowner walk inside the almost-completed home to look at our progress – and to see her smile and express her happiness with it. It was the first time she had ventured inside after a couple days of illness and it was fulfilling to see her so happy.
Onward to more fun things, we had a belated birthday celebration for Dan Pereira, who turned ’26’ (really!) while we were flying last Thursday! It was fun to have a nice meal at a Lusaka restaurant and reflect on our efforts so far – and to contemplate Dan’s rapidly advancing age. Also, there was cake.

On Day 4.5, we look forward to finishing substantially all of our work – it will be a busy day.

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