Post-Build Follow-Up: Daniel Returns to HfH Offices and Kamanga

The last team member standing on Zambia territory, Daniel Casado, had a long layover at the airport on Tuesday so he went ahead and asked Paul, our local Habitat for Humanity coordinator, if they would like any additional help (anything is better than sitting on an airport to let time pass by, right)? Paul’s response, as usual, was positive and welcoming so a taxi was requested and all the sudden Daniel was at work again! This time not at the build site, but rather at Habitat for Humanity’s offices in Lusaka. Daniel’s background is information security, so he helped out by verifying their Wi-Fi security as well as virus and antivirus.  He also assisted with some Excel reconciliation, all in just few hours.  One can really tell that we are better with keyboards than the with the shovel!


Later in the day, Daniel made a final visit to Kamanga and the build site to see how were the houses doing after few days: they were still standing! Not only that, but some amenities had been added by the owners (such a sofa), and  the latrine we started building was already completed!

Finally, before leaving Kamanga, we bumped into Francis, one of the kids that had been playing and spending time with us during the build. He was both so surprised and happy to see us again and quickly came to play hand clapping games.  Seeing the houses in use and the kids remembering us proved one more time the time and efforts spent in this trip have been priceless and will endure over the time.



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